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Miss Daisey's Speaks

Keeping your Pet Cool & Hydrated

Cool Pets Cool are Hydrated & Healthy Pets

 Summer's Hot!  So, plenty of H2O and a comfortably cool dry place to chill out and stay out of direct UVA/UVB rays are the right mix for a happy, & healthy...

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Happy Tails Go Hiking: Harnesses and Trail Blazing Tip Guide

Going for a Hike?

Designer Pet apparel for every season

Good planning makes hiking with your pet a rewarding experience for the both of you.  Walking and Hiking provides great exercise, plus allows you...

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April Showers Bring May Flowers - Do You Know Which Plants & Flowers are Harmful to Pets?

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Daisey's Doggie Chic Webstore

Do You Know Which Flowers and Plants are Harmful to Your Pets?   Read on, Daisey's Doggie Chic offers up flower and plant identifiers guide to keep you in the know and helping your pet stay safe.  

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Hoppy Easter - Pet Food & Safety Tips

HOPPY EASTER - Food & Safety Tips for Your Pet

Celebrate Easter Daisey Cooks up a Healthy Dinner

Daisey loves to dress up and be...

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Daisey's Wall of Fame Favorite Photo Ops

contest costumes cute dog fans friends pictures store news

Pet Photos Wall of Fame. Daisey's Doggie Chic Wall of Fame Honors all of our extended dog and cat patrons and their family. It is a place to view photos sent to us by our delighted fans. Each one is a marvelous tribute to a very loved pet. After all Pets are Family... They are "Petamily"

Thank you to all who submitted heartwarming photos of their pets loving our designer pet apparel. We are very touched. Much Thanks and Best Wishes to all for continued Happy Tails and Smiles.

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