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Hoppy Easter - Pet Food & Safety Tips

HOPPY EASTER - Food & Safety Tips for Your Pet

Celebrate Easter Daisey Cooks up a Healthy Dinner

Daisey loves to dress up and be part of the Festivities. But not all Pets are the same. Easter is fast approaching and our alter ego is begging to join in the fun and try out some of those delectables like... you guessed it... Candy! .... but Oh Oh it can be a very dangerous thing for your pet. Candy, fun crinkly wrapppings, shiny stringy basket grass fillers, flowers and plants, spicy foods and delicacies, etc. The temptations for your pet are endless.  

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Remember pets are naturally curious around new things. Their instinct is to sniff it out to see if it passes muster. Anything they can chew, ingest or lick and get to with their little paws will be on their radar.  Plan ahead. Get everyone involved. Lay out ground rules for little ones and let your guests know what not to give your furbaby.  Keep a checklist handy for what to not give your pet.  Safe proof your home just as you would for a baby or toddler. Prevention is key and knowledge is power.Consult with your vet or visit for helpful information on keeping your pet safe Get your Food Guide below.



     Keep Your Pet away from These:  

ALL Types of Chocolates 


Keep ALL Chocolate AWAY from your pet. Chocolate is extremely toxic and can cause hyperactivity,seizures or elevated heart rates & in some cases side effects are irreversible and can cause death.

Candy or Sweets

Most kinds of Candy, gum, jelly beans and some baked goods have sugar substitutes like Xylitol and is extremely toxic to pets. These can cause drop in blood sugar, seizures & liver failure. 

Table Scraps  & Human Foods


Human foods are bad for your pet. Spices,herbs & roots, main ingredients, fat content can all cause your pet to become very ill or at the very least obese.  Stomach and intestinal issues make for a very sick furbaby.  Vomiting, and diarrhea can lead to more serious problems. Pets like to Beg for your Food. Don't give in. 

Flowers,Plants and Basket Fillers


Easter Grass used as fillers or decoration is pretty but if ingested can be very dangerous to your pet. Avoid using the shiny stuff. Stick to Shredded Tissue Filler instead. Thinking of decorating with Flowers or Plants? Well, if you have a cat guess what, cats love to chew on Easter Lilies - BUT they are extremely TOXIC to cats. Lilies cause lethargy, vomiting and severe effects. Best to Avoid Easter Lilies from your Holiday alltogether.

Keep a batch of Pet Treats on hand and visibly accessible. Make sure any treat you give your pet is specifically made for Pets- whether they are - Store bought or Homemade or Natural Organic Pet Digestible Foods. Encourage your guests to give your pet only those treats that you approve of.  (Of course, sparingly and under your supervision.)

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A Few Things That Can Be a Bother For Your Pet


If, you're hosting an Easter Egg Hunt. Don't loose track of where those Easter Eggs are. Make sure you account for ever single one.  Real or Fake eggs can mistaken for a toy, and if ingested by your pet they can cause upset stomachs or blockage.


Stuffed Toys meant for Kids are Not meant for pets to play with. Toy stuffing, small parts, plastic bits, fuzz material, etc., can cause serious blockage, and upset stomachs. Keep all stuffed and plastic toys away from your pet. Baskets and fillers should be out of harm's way too.


Too many Guests or Kids your pet doesn't know. Even if your pet is Ok with some of your guests, the sounds and added chaos can be very disturbing for your pet. Pets are usually creatures of habit and anything out of the norm can put them ill at ease. Best to keep them in a separate room or crate them if they display uneasiness also keeps them safe from eating unwanted goodies.

Chef Daisey knows that eating healthy can give your pet a healthier and happier outlook. on life  So, she's made it her mission to search out the the best recipes out there to make it easy and fun to better your pet's healthy lifestyle.  Pet Parents can even enjoy some of the great tasting recipes along with their pets too! Simple and nutricious.  YUM!

  Checkout Daisey's Favorites here and start Cooking Healthy for your Pet.

List of Favorite Cookbooks for Healthy Dogs & Cats

 Healthy Foods

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     Harmful Foods 

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                                                                  Bone Apetit    

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