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Photo Wall of Fame from Daisey's Fans

Daisey's Doggie Chic  Wall of Fame Celebrates Petamily Fans & Cherished Pets


Pet Photos Wall of Fame. Daisey's Doggie Chic Wall of Fame Honors all of our extended dog and cat patrons and their family. It is a place to view photos sent to us by our delighted fans. Each one is a marvelous tribute to a very loved pet. After all Pets are Family... They are "Petamily"
Thank you to all who submitted heartwarming photos of their pets loving our designer pet apparel. We are very touched. Much Thanks and Best Wishes to all for continued Happy Tails and Smiles.



Look who's loving our Aviator Jacket... Sweet little Aussie... Look at That Gorgeous Smile... Says it all ..  Happy Tails    

australian shepherd dog models aviator bomber leather jacket harness  



Nan Queen of Hearts and more.... featuring her little girl in our Queen of Hearts Pet Costume... Very Regal Indeed... and the winner is....

queen of hearts pet costume modeled on dog at dog competiton Nan's Little Dog modeling queen of hearts pet costume at dog competition


 Not to be outdone ..... Here's Bella in Her Halloween Costume as the most Royal of Royals....

  Queen of Hearts 

 Bella in Queen of Hearts Costume

C.C. says our Bowtie Cuff Set is "Absolutely adorable!  Our guy is definitely ready for the wedding photos! He's 60lbs. with an 18" neck and the XL fits awesome."      Oct. 11,2017


Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Happy Couple.

Collen Surprised the lucky couple with a Special Message delivered by a Very Distunguished Messenger dressed up up in his finest Debonair Flair.

Delighted to be a part of this Memorable Day!. Thanks for sending us this beautiful pic of the very Happy Couple and their very special friend.  


Mike's Beautiful Boy may be on the Naughty List but it Definitely is Sweet... 

Modeling Reversible Naughty or Nice List Holiday Bandana

dog modeling naughty or reversible nice bandananaughty or nice reversible holiday bandana for dogs


Jessica's Sweetie is keeping her ears all cozy and warm for her walks... sweet

Denise's Sweet Pea is rocking our Gray Pom Pom Knit Hat... and away she goes ready for the snow.. no more cold ears... nice! Where's yours she asks?




Holidays are about dashing through the snow and waiting for Santa.  Here's what DG says about our Blitzen Red Plaid Reindeer Halter  “This is so cute on… It was perfect for my 5 month old puppy”   Dec 2017





Happy Tails to Brenna & Otto....

Otto "The Dachshund with PERSONALITY!"   :)

Thanks for Sharing your photos of Otto in our Lederhosen Costume... He looks Terrific!

Best Wishes to You Otto and all of your Celebrations! 

Costumes & Whimsy






Totally rockin' it in our Hot Pink Classic Plaid Harness Jacket & Leash Ensemble...  Sweet  :)






Happy Birthday!

Look who's wearing our It's My Birthday Bandana

 Thank you for sharing Katie, Tessa & Maria... 


Find it here:








Look who's Ready to Rock' n Roll 

Skye looks Fantastic in the Coolest of Cool ... Biker Dawg Motorcycle Jacket... Love The Attitude

Thanks for sharing... Happy Tails!      Get one for your pup



Styling" & Ready to hit the Slopes!  Paco looks absolutely slammin" in our Alpine Mutt Ski Winter Jacket. Thanks for the Pic Rachel.

Like it for your pup? Look for it here




Brandy (below)  looks wooferful in her new Halloween Witch... HappyYaunting!

Checkout our latest costumes




Here's Sweet Debbie's Little Pup in Our Classic Bomber Co-Pilot Aviator Leather Jacket Harness... get yours




Sophie's ready for the Superbowl in her official NFL Patriot's Winter Hat and Puffer Jacket

What's your favorite team?


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